Frequently Asked Questions

Do you require a deposit?
A non-refundable deposit is required depending on rental amount. Agreed upon deposit and signed contract must be returned within one week of receiving invoice for your equipment to be saved. Such deposit can be sent to Ford's Party Rental at 3440 Dye Road, MI 48507. The remaining balance must be paid in full at time of rental by choice of cash or check.


What form of payment do you accept?
Cash or Check. Balance is collected on the date of DELIVERY. Please remit checks to Ford's Party Rental.

How much room do you need for a tent?
All areas where tents will be placed need to be free of debris, landscaping, etc.
Tent Size:          Space Required
     20'x20'               30'x30'
     20'x30'               30'x40'
     20'x40'               30'x50'
     30'x40'              40'x50'

What is the cancellation policy?
You may cancel/change your reservation up to 14 days before the event.  If you cancel or eliminate items any less than 14 days before the event you will be responsible to pay Fords Party Rental 100% of the rental fee for those items, excluding any sales tax, due to the unlikelihood of potential rentals on those reserved items. 

Can items be added to your reservations?
Renter can at any time add additional items to their existing reservation pending availability. 

Can a Tent be set up on pavement?
Ford's Party Rentals provides a variety of tent options. We have frame & stake tents. Frame tents allow set-up on and over pavement, asphalt surfaces, and flat grass surfaces, as well as on decks. While making a reservation, Ford's Party Rentals  can advise which tent option is the best for your location.

When will your items be delivered?
(Due to very busy periods and changing schedules our delivery schedule is not known until the Tuesday prior to your event). You will be contacted by phone at that point. Delivery times can vary: Thursday, Friday, or the day of the event depending on route schedule. We ask that all lawn maintenance and preparation be done before Thursday to ensure that your party is a success. A confirmation call will be made no later then the Wednesday before your event to give a more specific delivery timeframe. There is no "day before setup" guarantee.
Delivery Concessions: Deliveries are limited to a first floor access only. Accommodations for second story/floor deliveries of any rented equipment must be previously arranged before delivery date and/or a $50 fee will be charged at time of delivery. If such arrangements are not previously made, customer is responsible for getting equipment to and from first floor delivery point to avoid charge.

When will the items be picked up?
Pick-ups vary pending rental date. Pick-up's can be as early as 6 am following your party. Please be sure that all items are ready for pick-up at that time. A cleaning fee of $50 will be charged if equipment is not ready for a scheduled pick up.

Inflatable/Dunk Tank Information:
Inflatables are delivered and picked up the date of the event. For safety purposes the inflatable will be picked up by dark, unless agreed upon. Inflatables can be used indoors and outdoors. Inflatables come with a blower and extension cord and require an electrical outlet. (Generators can be rented if needed.) Dimensions vary pending rental choice. Please check with us on equipment sizes. All rules and polices must be adhered to with inflatable rental.
Customer is responsible for hose and access to water for any dunk tank or water related rental.

Damage Policies
We will not be responsible for damages to any underground utilities or sprinkler systems. Please notify Ford's Party Rental  of any systems prior to staking or equipment. Please contact Miss Dig prior to your event at 1-800-482-7171 to know what's below. Any damages accrued to Ford's Party Rental equipment while in the renter's possession will be the renter's responsibility. Full cost of equipment replacement or repair will be charged to the renter. We will not hold our customers responsible if the equipment is damaged by equipment failure, or weather conditions. Ford's Party Rental will not be responsible for damages to grass or sod. Stakes are used for some of the tents and inflatables; we will not be held responsible for any injuries.